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Hey, it’s me!  I love meeting new people and helping them get excited about health, fitness, beauty and style! I have a dab of nerd skillz & a passion for fitness & social media. Former 3rd grade teacher turned designer, writer, marketer, still-finding-my-way person! 

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Before I had my daughter, I was a 3rd grade teacher and then became a SAHM.  My undergraduate degree is in Business/Fashion Merchandising & Design, but after I graduated, I realized that my options were pretty limited if I wanted to stay close to home!  Moving to NYC was quite intimidating at that time and I was a South Carolina home girl! (love to travel though!) lol! I went back to graduate school and obtained my Masters’ in Education. As my kids got older, I started designing and sewing infant and baby clothing and accessories. That’s when I realized design was my 2nd passion, so I started my own business helping people design websites, logos, etc.

With ballet and tap classes throughout grade school, followed by a brief period of adolescent weirdness and then onto Jane Fonda cassette tapes in college, I have always tried to “workout”.  Fitness is my #1 passion!!  I developed this passion further while working with my friend and client Jamie Scott, owner of Jamie Scott Fitness.  When I’m not at JSF, I’m working out daily with a home workout system!

During my first pregnancy, I enrolled in a “prenatal” exercise class.  The whole, yes-I’m-pregnant-and-I’m-still-working-out thing had not yet “caught on” at the time, it was the early 90′s.  But, being always on the “cutting edge” :) of what’s exactly acceptable and normal, I leafed through my prenatal materials, and, upon finding the number for the downtown YMCA, enrolled my moody, bloated self into a class. The whole process was rather empowering!  At the end of the 6-8 week class, I found myself missing the group comradery , the music and the energy!  I enrolled for a second class before my daughter was born.

After the birth of my daughter, I discovered a fitness class that met in a church fellowship hall and incorporated contemporary Christian music into the routine.  I loved it!  The class was called “Body and Soul”.  It met twice a week in the evenings.  I enlisted the help of my younger siblings, who at the time were young, full of energy and not-yet-tired-parents of their own offspring.  They eagerly agreed to drive the half hour out to the boondocks, where I lived, so that I could eagerly drive my spandex-ed, post-pregnant body to the First Presbyterian Church for a workout! This lasted for a little while, maybe a year or so.  Soon, LIFE caught onto the fact that I was actually working out on a regular basis and put the breaks on that….

me with my kids,nieceAs the mother of two kids and just before a divorce, I really started “getting back into” fitness! It was a way of escape and also a way to have a chance to do something for myself. My physique changed dramatically. This gave me a sense of being in control of at least one area of my life at this time and it was quite a confidence booster. I remember thinking, “I sure wish I could do this for a living!” I initially purchased Shakeology to replace my cheaper, less quality protein shakes. When my friend, Lisa suggested becoming a Beachbody Coach, I was ready to give it a go! I see so many women that feel “stuck” in their current situation. I really have a heart for these people and want to help them see their potential to improve their situations! 

I am always looking for people to join my team – I’d love to hear from you if you think you might be interested in leading others and turning your fitness into your business!

Read my blog for more of my discovery of the life-changing world of fitness and how it is the main activity, aside from plastic surgery, that can totally change your appearance and overall confident attitude!

What’s inside your heart matters most, of course, but besides exercise/fitness… I’m also intrigued with the empowering, confidence-boosting abilities we can have by the use of cosmetics, current fashion and style.  It’s a constant “struggle” as we age, to maintain a youthful, well-kept appearance…. but, I find that the effort is well worth the bolster in our level of self-esteem and overall feeling of well-being! Love being a girl, a woman, truly celebrating and reveling in being female!  I want you to feel strong, sexy, and confident so that you can go out there and conquer the world! We are not all beauty clones. Love yourself… Whatever makes you different makes you beautiful!the firm

I enjoy meeting new people and helping them get excited about health, fitness, beauty and style! 

Join me on my journey… Come “Be Fitabulous!”


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