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10 Top Spots For Acne and Their Causes

Facial Acne ZonesBased on my experience and information gleaned from the internet, magazines and books, it’s common belief that acne breakouts on your face correspond with something going on inside your body.  I created this graphic as a summary of what I have learned.

Area 1Digestive System (some sources also add Bladder)

Start with cleaning up your diet and drinking lots of water to flush out toxins from your system. Reduce refined sugar in your diet and drink less soda and carbonated beverages.  Another cause of acne here could be the use of irritating shampoo/soap.  Make sure to rinse the hairline thoroughly.  Keep bangs and hairline clean and free of oil.

Area 2Liver/Spleen

Lighten up on drinking alcohol, heavy/greasy foods.  Reduce intake of heavy creams and other dairy products.

Areas 3/4Respiratory System

Smoking and allergies seem to be the culprits for cheek acne.  I also read that lower cheek acne may be a sign of gum disease or dental infection.  Wiping my phone down with rubbing alcohol and keeping makeup brushes clean seem to help reduces pimples here.  Also, check your pillow case to make sure it’s fresh.

Area 5 –  Heart

Pores on the nose can get dilated when your blood pressure is high.  Check your blood pressure, increase Vitamin B in your diet.  Use astringent after cleansing to make sure the pores on your nose don’t stay clogged with makeup, etc.

Area 6Irritation From Product

There isn’t a ton of information about what causes acne between the nose and upper lip.  Sometimes lipstick/ balms/chap sticks, as well as toothpaste will clog and irritate pores here.  Also, depilatory cream and other hair removal processes will cause irritation and pimples above the lip.  Try dabbing some aloe vera gel here to reduce redness and irritation.

Areas 7/8Hormonal

Caused by fluctuating hormones during menstruation, ovulation and pregnancy.  See your doctor about a possible hormone imbalance.  There are also herbal remedies available for female hormone imbalances.  These include black cohosh, Dong Quai, chasteberry, and kelp.

Area 9Hormonal/Stomach

Drink herbal teas to help with digestion.  Again check your hormone levels and rinse toothpaste residue off completely.

Area 10Illness

Pimples on your throat and/or neck area could mean your body is fighting off an infection.  Drink plenty of fluids and rest! My complexion has cleared tremendously after starting Shakeology.  I rarely, if ever, get sick and if I do, the duration is reduced significantly.

See also – Beauty Find ~ Clove Oil…The antimicrobial properties of clove oil help to kill bacteria and reduces the presence of acne.

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