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8 Grocery Store Foods That Are Quick, Convenient and Healthy

grocery conv foods copyWhen you head out for a grocery store trip, the best advice is to shop mainly from the perimeter, outside edges, of the store.  Purchase mostly fruits, vegetables, and other fresh food.  During the winter months, these sections of the store aren’t as exciting as they are during the spring and summer.  Surprisingly, there are also some quick convenience foods that can be found in the middle aisles of the store!  These packaged (but not processed) foods give you great nutritional value.

Tuna Fish Packed in Water

High in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins D and B-12 and protein!

Canned Beans

Canned beans have an excellent amount of fiber and protein and can be a quick addition to a lot of meals. Kidney, pinto, cannellini, black, Great Northern– they’re all fantastic sources of nourishment for your body. (Dried beans are less expensive than canned, but take a ton of time to prepare.)

Oats and Flax-seed

Try to get the old-fashioned oats instead of the quick or instant ones.  This avoids added processing with salt and sugar.  (I like to add a bit of almond milk and honey after cooking.) One cup of cooked oatmeal with 2 tablespoons of ground flax seed will give you 8 grams of fiber, as well as a bunch of omega-3 fatty acids – good for your heart!


Be sure to check the labels carefully.  Recently, a lot of yogurts have as much fat and sugar as desserts!

Frozen Vegetables

Use these vegetables within a few weeks, because some of their nutrients may lose value over time.  Steam or microwave, instead of boiling.

Frozen Berries

Double check ingredients list to make sure package just contains berries and not added sugar.

Brown Rice

Fiber-rich grain is a great side for any meal!


Look for a non-condensed, organic soup made with real vegetables in a can or carton.

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