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A Site for Sore Winter Eyes

This time of year is pretty boring as far as my wardrobe…  the dull, cloud-filled days stretch out before me as I gaze into my closet, feeling very uninspired.  The weather, as of late, has me reaching for sweatshirts and jeans over and over again.  And the colors!  Bleh…black, gray, brown, tan and did I mention black?
Now is the time of year when fashion editors and retailers start pulling out the words cruise and resort-wear in order to bump sales just a little before spring.  …and that’s great….if you’re going to a resort, that is!  This year, the prospects of a visit to a sun-cloaked, salty-aired island aren’t looking so great for me!  🙂
Inspired by my Christmas visit to the Tollwood Market in Germany (and a few purchases- see the lovely woolen scarf), I began to look online for the same type of fairytale, intricate designs…

Enter etsy.com and her European cousin en.dawanda.com!  These sites have only handmade and/or vintage items.  The stuff is usually one-of-a-kind or very limited in quantity/production!  UNIQUE is the operative word here!  Unique, colorful, unusual!  These designs are a welcome relief for bored, tired winter eyes to see!
I recently ordered a wonderful little coat from etsy!  The designer is based in Paris.
I threw it over my workout attire last week to get my son from my parents’ house!  My mother immediately expressed her delight~  I knew she would.  Now that the Christmas tree is down and all of the holiday lights and glitter are packed away, we need a little glitz to brighten these days!
I must add a small disclaimer here:  I have my own etsy shop, but my designs at this time are only for babies and toddlers.  I’m a big fan of the concept of small, cottage-based businesses.  While, it’s always convenient and nice to shop at a Gap to grab 5 knit turtlenecks, each in a different color for 14.99, I like the independence that is afforded when you sell and buy from other designers and crafters!
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