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Style Forum ~ An In-Depth Look Into Grammy Winning Kimbra’s Style

grammy awardsI discovered a new fashion inspiration after watching The Grammy’s Sunday night.  Her name is Kimbra and she’s the girl singing in the ubiquitous tune “Someone That I Used To Know.”  The dress she wore Sunday was the first thing that caught my eye!  What a gorgeous piece of art that thing was!!  While trying to find out more about the dress and designer, I discovered that Kimbra (Kimbra Lee Johnson) has a definite style all her own.  This girl has so much fun with fashion!  Born in New Zealand, she started writing songs at age 10.

From refinery29 . com:

What musical artists or style icons inspired you growing up?
“I was inspired by the creativity of artists like Prince, Michael Jackson, Cornelius, and Bjork firstly for their music but also their theatricality with their visual approach as well. Style-wise, I like a lot of Japanese street fashion and get inspired by a lot of old Disney films. Nowadays, I get inspired by film directors like Tim Burton, photographer Tim Walker, and artists like Salvador Dali.”

If you had to describe your personal style in five words or less, what would be it be?
“Bold, youthful, feminine, creative.”

What makes a great outfit to perform in? Is there anything you have to watch out for?
“I keep my eye always on fabrics. Not so much the shape or fit – because that can always be altered or changed (there are about a hundred safety pins in most of my performance outfits!). A great stage outfit for me, comes from an inspired compliment of patterns and colors – even if they clash at times! – and a strong sense of movement and creativity. I like people to feel transported by what they see on stage in conjunction with the music. Outfits can really add another dimension of depth and fantasy to a concert.”


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