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Are you hiding your #muscles? – from Instagram

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Are you hiding your #muscles? - from Instagram
from Instagram

What’s the point in owning a set of hard, sculpted muscles if you can’t see them? Having strong muscles is one thing; being able to see them is another. A layer of fat lies in the space between your skin and the underlying muscle! This insulating layer of lard will obscure your hard-earned muscle mass.

Body fat serves as an energy reserve as well as providing a layer of insulation from the cold. The more calories you feed into the reserve, the bigger it gets.

Fat is an easily accessible source of energy for the body to use. Each gram of fat contains nine calories, compared to four calories per gram of protein or carbohydrates. Our bodies prefer to invest energy funds in our fat account. The swollen fat cells provide a savings account of calories to draw on during lean times. Fat storage is a survival mechanism! Fat cells are also resilient—they love to stick around and hate to get too small. Stubborn things!

Ok! Now, how do you get rid of body fat and deflate the blubber? Stop feeding excess calories into the savings account. Stop making deposits and start making withdrawals. When you withdraw calories from the savings account, the fat cells shrink in size, and their number decreases.

The balance between calories consumed and calories used is what determines how much fat we lose. To get rid of the fat, you either burn more calories, consume fewer calories. Doing both is the most effective, ideal and healthy way! Melt that fat and show those muscles!!

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