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BeachBody ~ Brazil Butt Lift

At the beginning of the summer, I envisioned my life as one constant workout – stopping only for the necessities of life: working, family, etc.  Well- the necessities have grown very large, as of late! 

Yes, I have kept up with working out, but barely! 

My plan was to keep my regular times in the gym and to embellish my fitness plan with the Brazil Butt Lift System… because “YES, I wanted to lift my butt!”  (read the website- see if you can resist!)

Here it is today:


New Goal: get this open and try a few of the workouts next week.  Stay Tuned!  🙂

  • Anonymous July 31, 2010, 4:33 pm

    Great job keeping up with your BBL workouts.
    I am doing Brazil butt lift along with Chalean extreme and Power 90 workouts. Kind of a hybrid since I have workout ADD.
    Do you mind if I follow you. Feel free to follow me too. I am looking for like minded beachbody people to hang out with.
    Tanasha AKA "fromphat2fit"!

  • Kim July 31, 2010, 4:36 pm

    sure. I can use all the support I can get! 🙂

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