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Brigitte Bardot Hair ~ Sans The Bump-It

 Brigitte-Bardot Have you ever tried the Bumpit?  Did it work for you?  Were you brave enough to leave the house with it still in your hair?  🙂
I have tried two great products that beat using the huge plastic Bumpit device, but with the same effect, just more natural… and without the constant terror that your hair might fall out and give someone a black eye!
“Osis Dust It” & “Big Sexy Hair Powder Play”!
Both of these products are in powder-ish form.  I say powder-ish, because the substance is hard to define!  As a kid, I remember the science trick of mixing cornstarch with water.  The cornstarch would never be “wet”, but would flow like water…  These hair powders are similar!  Loose white powder in the container, but totally different stuff in your hair!

While both are alike in many ways (and it’s obvious by the packaging, this is not a mistake), there are some differences I have noticed:
“Powder Play”contains a few oils and other glycerin-type substances.  It is a lighter version of “OSIS”.    I don’t think that it provides quite the same “thickening power” as OSIS.  It quickly dissolves after you begin to work it into the hair.  Because of the oils in “Powder Play”, the hair remains somewhat more pliable and soft…

OSIS, on the other hand, means business!  This is a take-no-prisoners hair mattifying, thickening, and holding powder.  A little bit goes a long way!  Don’t expect to be able to actually comb/brush your hair after putting it in, either.  But, oh the hair you will have!!  …suddenly the limp, fine, stick-to-your-skull strands take on a different life. 

I use these powder hair products by separating my top hair in sections and pinning up.  I take sections that are just under the top sections and apply the stuff to the roots.  You can use your fingers or a comb to blend it in.  Then, tease… a little or a lot.  Next, undo the top sections and smooth over the teased areas!  Keep playing with your hair until …well, just be careful!  Go for a big look or just a little volume.

studio fringe
BTW, my hair stylist, Janelle, introduced me to OSIS.  She has it in stock at Studio Fringe~ Columbia, South Carolina!

  • Rachel June 8, 2010, 10:51 pm

    wonder who recommended the powder play…

  • Kim July 31, 2010, 4:49 pm

    It was YOU! You, you, you! Love YOU!

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