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Confessions Of A Mom Geek

There was a time when my geekiness was not very stylish at all!  I was the one with the encyclopedia sized day-planner stuffed into my purse back in the late 80’s.  After my first baby, I took my geekiness to a whole new level!  Enter the Palm Pilot!  I remember typing all of my recipes into it and pulling it out at the grocery store while other shoppers gave me curious looks.  Soon, I was dealing with a large, clunky cell phone and a Palm Pilot…. truly a female Inspector Gadget!

Between my sister and me, we have purchased and tested so many cell-phones that I have lost count. The phone that I have today and love is the Palm-Pre.  I started with carrying Palm Pilots and it looks like I have come full-circle.  Windows Mobile based phones are just not for me.  In my opinion, they are not very intuitive at all.  The Palm-Pre is beautiful in it’s simplicity. 

Palm, Inc. as a company….what’s up with that?  It seems this organization is always struggling.  Today’s news is that Palm is up for grabs to any corporation who will have it! Please, I’m a Palm Fan!  Let’s keep this wonderful phone from disappearing. 

More blogging to come regarding this great device!

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