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Cool, Cool Site. Put Make-up On Over and Over, Without Having to Wash Your Face!! (…or buy it.)

It’s a little amazing how much time I have spent on this site!  I guess I can make myself feel a little better by knowing that it would have taken me over a week to drive to all of the stores and actually try the makeup out on my own face!  LOL!  This site has me even reconsidering colored contacts!(probably not really…but it’s a fun thought!)
Try it out yourself!  go crazy.  all you have to do is give them an email address and a passcode.  After you get started, just be sure to edit your privacy settings.  Choose whether or not you want your makeover to be private or public.  Who knows!?  You may want to show the world your new face!!

TAAZ.com : Virtual Makeover. Real Beauty. (for Halloween!) teehee

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