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Fitness Focus ~ Playlists on Pandora

My Pandora Channels

I like all kinds of music, but certain tunes are better for working out and getting my heart rate up!  There are days when I can’t get to the gym nor do an entire video workout at home.  There are days that I just don’t want to workout.. ugh… I have found that if one of those days is happening and it’s getting later, a good idea is to crank up a tune or two or three!  Do some stretches, running in place, jumping jacks, etc.  If possible, grab a light set of weights and pump out a few bicep curls while you’re at it!  If you do this, you won’t get so far behind in your fitness and you will be glad you did!

Having some of your favorite workout tunes on your iPod, iPad, or laptop makes it easier and much more convenient.  One of the things I recommend is setting up an account on Pandora.  On this site, you first think of a favorite, inspiring dancey/workout tune, enter it and then build an entire “channel” around this tune.  Pandora will add similar tunes to your “channel”.  You can build your channel by “liking” or “disliking” a tune for each particular channel.

You can see that I have many different channels for different occasions!  Give it a try for yourself 🙂


UPDATE- so this post is pretty old, just wanted to say that I’m using an app called Spotify more these days! Also, a great app is Shazam!  If I hear a great workout tune on the radio or at a restaurant, I can use this app to “listen” and “identify” the tune.  Shazam keeps track of the songs you’ve tagged, so you can go back and choose to download or look them up on Spotify.  Add them to a Spotify workout list of your choosing.  For those who are Amazon Prime members, Amazon has added streaming music options too!



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