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Forever-In-Motion Moms

Source: bebe.com via Kim on Pinterest


Fitness has become the centerpiece of the lives of lots of today’s moms! Many moms say they are in the best shape now, more than ever.  Finding time to work out is a constant challenge.

Tips for Fitting a Workout Session Into a Busy Day –

  • Pen it in. Schedule when you will work out each day on your calendar, just like an appointment or lunch date.
  • Workout with youngsters. Attempt jogging with a stroller or cycling with a trailer
  • Divide and conquer. If a long workout session isn’t really possible, do lots of smaller ones throughout the day.
  • Train in your home. A fitness treadmill, stationary bike or workout DVDs allow a mom or dad to workout while little ones nap or play.
  • Avoid TELEVISION as much as possible.

Clothing retailers have begun to clue-in and are profiting from these “forever-in-motion” moms.  “To-From” clothing, for when there’s no time between training, volunteering at school or running errands, has become very popular.  Dresses in non-wrinkle materials with built-in bras help when going from gym to grocery store.



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