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Fitness Focus ~ Actor Chris Pratt & Shaun T on “Conan”

Shaun T Will Appear on “Conan” on TBS on Mon, Nov 28 at 11p.m./10 Central

INSANITY, THE ASYLUM, and Hip Hop Abs creator Shaun T. will be appearing on “Conan” on cable channel TBS this Monday, November 28 at 11p.m/10p.m. Central. Be sure to watch live, or set your DVR to record!

Why did this come about?

When Actor Chris Pratt (star of “Parks and Recreation, “Bride Wars,” “Everwood”) was recently on “Conan” to promote his new movie “Moneyball,” Conan asked Chris how had he gotten in such great shape for the movie. Chris told Conan it was thanks to Shaun T and Hip Hop Abs. Then, he stood up and demonstrated some Hip Hop Abs dance moves.


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