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Good 4 U Food ~ Moody Tea Time

Tea has the power to lift your bad mood and even can help with PMS! As the weather is changing and you’re craving a warm drink, sip on a mug of Mother Nature’s brew – no matter what mood you’re in.

Need to Perk Up?

Guayusa. Made from an Amazonian tree leaf, this tea gives you more caffeine than green or black tea. Native Kichwa people call on it for “mental strength and courage.”

Pu-erh. Has high levels of caffeine to help improve alertness and mental clarity.

Green  Oolong tea – sometimes called blue tea – also delivers a caffeinated boost.

Calm Down?

Holy Basil. Holy basil can help reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

Lemon. With a gentle sedative action, lemon balm can help reduce tension in both the body and brain.

Chamomile. Has calming properties

Peppermint. Peppermint has a cooling and soothing effect on mental stress and physical tension.


These herbs can actually help to regulate hormones and alleviate the symptoms of hormonal imbalances:

Raspberry and Nettle Leaf. Known as a uterine tonic, this tea can help balance hormones and assist with strengthening fertility.

Rosehip. Rich in iron and vitamin C, especially good during menstruation

Licorice root. Irregular periods? Licorice root might help to restore normal ovulation. It may also help to treat depression, cramps.

Maca. This medicinal herb is famous for its libido-boosting properties.

In Pain?

Have chronic pain or stress headaches? Turn off the inflammation and burn with the following teas:

Turmeric. Tumeric helps with inflammation, soothing your muscles and acting as a powerful cure-all for aches and pains.

Ginger. Another anti-inflammatory wonder, ginger is great for stomach or digestive pains and headaches.

Brazilian mint. Purportedly, Brazilian mint treats pain just as effectively as some synthetic drugs.

Lavender. Lavender tea can be great for relieving rashes or skin ailments. It also helps with stomach problems and migraines.

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