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Good 4 U Food ~ More Pumpkin Nutrition!

Pumpkin seeds contain a high number of anti-oxidants. A study published in the January 2005 issue of the medical journal “Pharmacological Research” shows that pumpkin seed oil (PSO) works to reduce inflammation that causes arthritis. The effects of pumpkin seed oil are compared to those of indomethacin, a commonly used anti-inflammatory drug, and the oil is shown to be just as efficient in relieving arthritic inflammation.

Also, pumpkin seeds are loaded with essential minerals. The WHF states that just 1/4 cup of raw pumpkin seeds offers 1.04 mg of manganese. This is over 50 per cent of the RDA (recommended daily allowance.) Manganese is needed to keep bones strong, normalize blood sugar and regulate cholesterol. Other necessary elements in pumpkin seeds are magnesium, phosphorous, tryptophan, iron, copper, protein, zinc and vitamin K.
As a former classroom teacher, cutting a pumpkin/removing, drying and baking the seeds was one of my favorite learning activities.  Lightly salted, the seeds were eagerly enjoyed by my students… and later by my own kids 🙂

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