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Hair Gadgetry – Have you tried Goody Simple Styles?

It always happens when I go to grab a pack of hair elastics or bobby pins at Walgreens or Target!  I get pulled in by the latest hair devices that promise a luxurious hairdo with just a simple clip, twist or click!  I must confess that I have actually tried all of the new Goody Simple Styles!


Do they work?  For me?  In my opinion, there is only one worth the $$.  Keep in mind that I have fairly fine hair… so, these products may work on thicker hair!

Updo Pin – Okay for around the house if you need a quick fix to hair getting in your face. It’s kinda painful after you slide it in and then flip it over. Holds hair pretty well, but hard to make the style attractive.

Spin Pin – A cruel joke. Holds hair for approximately 20 minutes. The instructions warn against getting the pins interconnected. I wore these out one evening. By the end of the night, I was in the bathroom desperately trying to get the pins to connect in hopes that they would stay in my hair!

Pony Pouf – The only device worth getting. Snaps in easily. Double click for a tighter hold. Push hair into top loops to give a poufy appearance. Cute!

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