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Home Office DIY Project – Dry Erase Wall

This is a great plan for WAHMs or anyone who needs space in his/her home to organize the day and thoughts!  I started with a plain painted wall, taped the area off with painter’s tape, and used ideapaint to create a dry-erase board.  You can usually find ideapaint at Lowe’s or other home improvement stores.  Follow prepping instructions because different surfaces require different application processes.   To finish the top and bottom edges and to provide a place to tack important papers/art, I used a roll of thin adhesive cork-board.

Your method of making lists may vary, but I’ve found that having an “In” and “Out” list helps.  Write all of the things you need to get done in your home office and the errands you need to run outside of the house in two different lists.  I also have a space to write appointments and other to-dos on a Weekly List, which has the days of the week written out.  Clients are listed individually with project tasks beside each one.

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