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“How To Never Look Fat Again” Book Review

“…I’ve become an expert at hiding the fat.  Not by dieting and exercise- though I’m a fervent believer in both- but by wearing the right clothes in flattering fabrics, colors, and shapes and styling them with distracting accessories; by having the best supportive bra that lifts me up and gives me a couple of extra inches of torso; by wearing the highest heels I can comfortably stand in; and by holding my head high, my shoulders back, and being aware of my posture.”

This is one of the opening paragraphs of a book I have been contemplating called “How To Never Look Fat Again:  Over 1,000 Ways to Dress Thinner–Without Dieting!” by Carla Krupp.  This book first caught my eye in People magazine!  Of course, I would love a guide on how to never, ever look fat again! Who wouldn’t? I really like her “can do” attitude!

Krupp is a former fashion editor for Glamour, InStyle and People magazines. This is her second publication along these same lines.  Her first book was “How Not To Look Old”.
Certain types of clothes/fabrics, according to Krupp, are classified as “high fat, low-fat, or no-fat”.  She provides a quiz for the reader to use to see how the current clothes in her closet fit into this rating system.  Also provided are “swap outs” in each chapter, suggesting that instead of one thing you should wear another similar, but slimming, piece instead.   For instance, trade a boat neck sweater for a scoop neck to elongate your neck.
High Fat Items:

  • textured fabrics
  • terry-cloth
  • toile
  • fur
  • shiny metallics
  • neon, white, bright, pastel, or primary colors  
  • super-sized and bulky
  • full of gathers and ruffles
  • pieces that are too small to cover your frame, leaving too much exposed

Low-Fat Items:
  • provide simple coverage
  • plain/neutral items
  • basic classics 
  • comfortable fabric such as cotton or denim.

No-Fat Pieces:

  • are the hardest workers
  • enhance and streamline your figure
  • hide fat and pull you up in the right places
  • “they make you look better than you would look naked”  
  • control camisoles
  • pencil skirts
  • trim v-neck sweaters
  • flat-front trousers
Other interesting tidbits:
  • Say no to sleeves that cut off at the widest part of your arm and colors that contrast starkly from your skin color.
  • Say no to crew necks.
  • Muffin top? Say no to tight, light-colored tops and low-rise jeans and yes to darker and looser.
  • Say yes to high-waist-ed shape-wear and shapely pencil-skirt fashions.
  • Say no to horizontal stripes, no matter how cute the item!  (This is one of my cardinal rules, too!)
  • Say yes to ruching along the midsection to hide what Krupp terms as “Buddha Belly”!  LOL
“Yes” Fashion Trends:
  • Safari (wear small animal prints)
  • Military

“No” Fashion Trends: 

  • Transparent Lingerie Look
  • Little Girl/Babydoll Dresses

    • anneshull March 31, 2010, 11:56 am

      There was a review of this book in the State Paper today. Your review was more comprehensive.

    • Kim July 31, 2010, 4:53 pm

      Thank you!

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