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How to Turn Your Clutter Into Cash $

3996872_sTime to start spring cleaning!  I have some good incentives for you to make money without even leaving the house!  I’ve found that once you let go of the first few items, the rest come more easily!

Before you start cleaning-out and decluttering those closets and garage, make these categories:

  1. Give Away/Donate
  2. Consign
  3. Keep, but alter or re-purpose
  4. Trash

1.  Give Away/Donate – keep in mind that donations to local charities such as Good Will and The Salvation Army are tax deductible, so remember to ask for a receipt.

  • Outgrown kids clothing and toys. Do you have relatives with younger kids or know of a family who could use these items?
  • Sheet sets
  • Books

2.  Consign –

  • Old jewelry – Take it to your local jewelry store.  They will pay you for gold and precious stones!
  • Wedding/bridesmaid dress(es)- Check out I Do Now I Dont
  • Sporting Equipment- Craig’s List – Remember, even though your item may sell for less than you think it should, you will save on moving costs because the buyer will come and pick it up!
  • Vintage Clothing – Posh Market is a smart phone app.  If you enjoy discussing fashion and making friends, while earning a little cash, this app is for you!  Here is my Posh Closet.
  • Designer, new, or gently used clothing – If you don’t have them already, set up Paypal and eBay accounts pronto! Get free Priority Mail shipping supplies delivered right to your door.  Go to USPS.com to order!  Here is my eBay Shop.

3.  Keep/Alter & Repurpose – Are there some pants that fit you perfectly, but just need to be hemmed?  Do you have 4 black t-shirts?  2 pairs of the same khaki shorts?  Maybe you could change them up by adding an applique or some embellishments.  Think outside the box!  Place these things in a bin to take to your sewing room or to a tailor.

4. Trash – Let’s face it!  Nobody wants or can use it!  Let it go!





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