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Idebenone… can it preserve your face into infinity…. and beyond?

Prevage, MD. A favorite skin treatment for many, including yours truly.  One pump! I use it in the mornings and at night.  In the beginning, I couldn’t tell a big difference… but towards the end of that first bottle, I was hooked!  Desperate, because my dermatologist no longer carried it, I called my sister-in-law, who had recommended it to me in the first place.  Actually, I texted her, of course.  “Please, could she obtain some from her doctor!” We arranged a meeting for an exchange, post-haste!  She is now my “dealer”!  🙂

The prescription strength Prevage, Md. can only be purchased through a medical doctor.  There are other strengths available at other outlets.  Apparently, as miraculous as it is for me and most of my friends/family, it is as disastrous for others!  Some have bad results, such as red, angry rashes and swelling!

What is the ingredient in this potion?  What causes such a reaction in the skin?  This conversation came up over the Thanksgiving weekend.  Needless to say, the men quickly left the table for the television, while the ladies obsessed!

Idebenone is surely the key ingredient!  According to a skin expert from NYC (at the Le Mer counter, no less), idebenone is used in the medical field to “increase the transplant viability of human livers donated for organ transplant!”  Wow!  So, basically this stuff keeps the organ viable (alive) until it reaches the recipient.  Although, this use seems to be in the experimental stages, I definitely feel it is worth further investigation!  (Especially when it comes to keeping wrinkles at bay, my goodness!)

Idebenone is available in supplement form.

*Every one of the cells in the human body needs a way to provide energy to power the functions of the cell. Each healthy cell has numerous mitochondria, tiny little cellular power plants that produce most of the adenosine triphosphate (ATP) used as a source of chemical energy in the body. The natural enzyme CoQ10 is critical to operation of mitochondria to produce ATP, but when oxygen levels are low CoQ10 acts to create many damaging free radicals.

An alternative synthetic form of CoQ10 known as idebenone has been found to not suffer from the low-oxygen induced increase in free radical production. It is being investigated for treatment of numerous diseases, especially of the cardiovascular and nervous systems in organs such as the heart and brain.

*Source: www.emediahealth.com

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