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in search of….. the perfect leather jacket

…specifically a black (or dark brown) leather jacket, and i’m not talking eighties bombers’ jacket.  ahh, those jackets of yesteryear only served to make me look like the michelin tire man…a little bit like a pair of legs with a large black bee-hive on top.  today, of course, “eighties are back”(…yea, whatever.)  not so much for me.
i’m looking for the perfect blend between tailored and feminine; detailed yet sleek.  one that is versatile and looks great with anything from a pair of jeans to a cocktail dress.  i prefer a soft, buffed leather instead of the thick, shiny stuff.  the leather-jacket-look has always been a bit of a gamble!  there is a very fine line between chic, lady-like versus edgy, rocker-girl here.  the idea, according to louloumagazine.com, “…is to look sexy and nonchalant. Look like a million bucks effortlessly.”

according to this article in about.com,  “leather is relatively easy to care for if you take preventative measures. store it so it can breathe (no plastic!), wipe off spills and dirt on smooth leather with a damp cloth, regularly brush suedes and nubucks. fix hem problems with a touch of rubber cement. for major cleaning, avoid at-home products (especially waxes and other items that clog up leather pores); find a leather cleaning specialist.”

here are some ideas.  what do you think?  …or do you practice the “just-say-no philosophy” with this look?  LOL
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