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Make Better Choices at The Grocery Store!

I just downloaded a new app for my phone!


From Fooducate.com:
One of the trickiest aspects of eating well is consuming the right portion size. Eating homemade, unprocessed foods, with lots of whole grains, low fat meats and dairy can still lead to excessive calorie consumption if you don’t exercise portion restraint.

It gets worse when you buy foods in packages. Some examples are:

soft drinks sold in vending machines with a serving size of 8 fl oz, but a bottle sized 20 fl oz.
Beef Jerky sold in 3 oz bags of 3 servings, where it’s so obvious a single person is going to wolf that beef down in under 3 minutes.
Chips and puffs sold in small packages that still contain more than a single serving.

We’re happy to announce a new feature we have recently been rolling into the Fooducate iPhone app. It warns you of these potential portion distortions and allows you to take into consideration the overall calorie consumption you’ll encounter once you open the bag box or bottle.

In the example above, a decent bag of apple chips boasts only 140 calories per serving. Holding the featherweight bag, you’d think those calories were for the whole package.

Nope. The nutrition facts panel says 3 servings per bag. IF you read that fine print.

The Fooducate app points that out to you front and center. When you scan a product that may lead to over consumption we cross out the stated calorie per serving and indicate in a red marker the actual calories per portion.

In the example above, instead of 140 calories, we’re now talking 420!!! Didn’t see that one coming did you?

Watch for these package alerts in a growing number of product categories in the coming months.

What to do at the supermarket:

Since ALL the nutrition information of a product is based on the serving size, make sure you’re either consuming the sugested serving size, or allowing for a much greater calorie intake.

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