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Maybelline Is Having A Midlife Crisis!

The lady at Walgreens gave me some special treats on a recent quick visit!  She told me that Maybelline is celebrating its 40th birthday anniversary!  She gave me a few party favors.  I saw her drop what looked like a brow pencil or eyeliner, along with a Maybelline history booklet and cosmetic pouch into my bag.  I was so excited to check it out, especially that eye pencil!  When I got to my car, I pulled out the goods.. well, the “eye pencil” turned out to be …wait for it… a ballpoint pen.  I was kinda disappointed, but the little history booklet is actually quite interesting 🙂

Mabel Williams

Here are some interested facts about Maybelline:

  • Maybelline’s brother started the company in 1915… He got the idea while he was being a pesky sibling, watching glamorous big sis apply a mixture of petroleum jelly with coal dust and ash from a burnt cork to her lashes and brows.  (She called this a “secret of the harem”) Wow, Mabel!  What have you been watching—uh, I mean reading! 🙂
  • Tom Lyle Williams, the fascinated little brother, named his company Maybelline (Mabel + Vaseline)
  • Maybelline’s 10 cent cake mascara was introduced in drugstores in 1932.
  • Between 1971-2008, there was one Great Lash Mascara sold every 1.7 seconds!


Birthday Party Treats

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