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Sell Your Duds on eBay

I’m sure you have noticed that I sell a few items on eBay.  Basically, I try to always keep at least a handful of things up for sale… Do I make a fortune?  Hardly.  But, I must say that I keep a small (as in very) balance in my PayPal account that comes in quite handy when:

  • I need to pay someone back a small amount of cash.  Simply use their email address and viola, it’s “even, Steven!”  You can now call that friend up for another dinner out!  🙂  Or pay your sister-in-law back for your part of the groceries during your recent vacation!
  • Make a small purchase on eBay.  Hey, return the favor and keep the internet marketplace humming along.
  • Make a quick purchase of a beautiful lipstick on Amazon.com without having to dig through your purse for your credit card information, thus giving you enough time to change your mind~
Besides the monetary benefit, selling on eBay can be kinda fun….and it is an excellent way for you to keep your closet cleaned-out, allowing room to organize the clothes that you wear frequently.  Every so often, when I’m hanging up a shirt or looking for something to wear, I will see an item that I simply DO NOT wear!  There is nothing specifically wrong with the item… in fact, I may have only worn it once, or not at all!  But, for some reason, the garment is just there, taking up space that could be used for other things!  When I see these clothes, I take them out and hang them in a special area reserved for “eBay items That I’m Going To Sell.”
For the next couple of posts, I’m going to cover my eBay selling Tips!  I’m sure most of you are quite familiar with the How-To’s of eBay.  But for kicks and giggles, I’m going to write My Handy How-To Guide.

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