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Smoke Is On Your Eyes

07124913175_220x220_a“I can never get it to last!  How do you get it to stay on?” a lot of my friends ask me, after I have “done” their eyes…  If you know me, you know that I’m a fan of eyeliner.
I like smokey, sultry-looking eyes.  Even with no other makeup on, nothing works like some eyeliner!!  The beach, the mountains, waking up, working out, getting off of a plane, 3 am and everywhere in between, keep the eyes going!  If your eyes are defined, then you have a focal point, a place for someone to start when they look at your face, instead of all your features washing out into mediocrity .  This look isn’t for everyone, I agree.  But, I like it and you can, too!  Just own it.
This is what I use: L’Oreal HIP Gel eyeliner and Pixi Eye Color Sealer.  I have tried them all, and have a whole drawer full to show for it!  You can spend $30-$50 on the high-end stuff.  I have before and I do for other cosmetic items, but for my smokey-eye look, I have found nothing works like these two items combined.  The Eye Colour Sealer is a tad bit pricey, but lasts forever.  You can find both of these items at Target!
Don’t use the brush provided by L’Oreal.  Put a few drops of the Pixi Sealer into the gel eyeliner, mix with a good round-tipped eyeshadow brush ~ Viola!  You got yourself some long-lasting eye definer!  The eyeliner gel is already moist, but the sealer causes it to last.  Get the liner to the consistency of a magic marker.  Test it on the back of your hand first.
Don’t try to get a hard, tight mean line.  Use a soft, broad stroke.  Be brave.  Brush it under the lid and a little in the arch of your eyebrow.  If you put on too much, that’s fine.  Just use a q-tip to swipe off the extra.
When you go with this look, don’t use much other makeup!  No piling on of foundation, opaque lipstick and blush.  Let the eyes carry your look!  You will see a lot of smokey-eye looks with both upper and lower shadow… I actually prefer to leave the upper lid bare or with just a bit of pale, shimmering shadow.
Go with a a bit of concealer where needed, brush on some powder and blush just at the apples of your cheeks.  Use a sheer lip gloss or pale color!   A stroke of mascara on upper lashes only during the day.  For evening hours, add a little bit of mascara to the lower lashes.
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