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Sports Bras – What to Wear Under For a Quick Workout Transition

pink sports braA trick I learned a few years ago was to put on a Sports Bra after my shower in the morning… that way, whenever I got to a workout, I don’t have to change into a more supportive, sweat-friendly bra!   The easier it is to transition into “sweat mode”, the more likely one is to go through with a workout!  If you are debating “Should I go workout after my meeting, or just skip for today?”, the fact that you are closer to being in workout clothes, the more likely it is that you will do it!

The trick is in finding a Sports Bra that is attractive to wear under everyday/work clothes. This has been a challenge and I’m always looking for the “Perfect Sports Bra”! LOL

Things I look for in a Sports Bra:

  • Does is lift and support enough?  It is very difficult to find one that doesn’t give you MonoBoob.  The bra also needs to be tight enough to give you the support you need during a good run or heavy duty workout.
  • Does is come in a good variety of colors that are compatible with my wardrobe?  This is something that is important because usually your sports bra will serve as a cami-looking undergarment.  I like this.  It helps with the blouses and tops that are too revealing and low-cut.  If the sports bra has a nice color and trim, it can serve as an attractive peek-thru under layer.
  • Is it comfortable?  Sometimes Sports Bras are just too thick to wear under your regular clothing.  This is usually because the manufacturer has designed the bra to serve as an exterior fitness top.

One of my all-time favorites it the Champion Double-Dry Seamless. This one has served me well 🙂  I have noticed that there have been a few color selections added!

Shape Magazine has an excellent resource for shopping for Sports Bras!

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