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Style Tips With Chalene Johnson ~ Creator of TurboFire!

In the video below, Carrie had an extreme transformation!  She used the ChaLEAN Extreme Program to change her body.  After her body change, she was still wearing saggy jeans for her size …  The ribbing on her jacket tended to “bulk her up.” She tried on a fantastic wrap top in a peachy/coral color.  Chalene commented that Carrie,  “Deserves to wear this color!” It shows off her fantastic arms and skin tone.  Don’t always gravitate to black.  As you slim down and transform your body, experiment with fun colors!  Embrace color!

Also, heels are so important! “I get out of the shower and put my robe on and heels” says Chalene Johnson. 🙂  (She’s a woman after my own heart!)

Carrie gave away 7 bags of clothes. This is the best thing to do because that is accountability. When you keep your larger sized clothes, you are saying to yourself: “I may someday go back and wear those clothes!”

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