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The Eat Every Two-Hours Diet

pearWhile meeting with a friend the other day, his phone alarm went off.  He showed me the text alert: “2 hrs. Eat #3” What in the world?  “This is the way I’m losing all the weight!” he tells me, while asking the coffee barrister to please wash a green pear that has suddenly appeared in his hand.
The diet makes sense, really.  If you keep your food intake continual and regular by eating small amounts frequently, your body metabolism should go up.  The science behind it has something to do with fat stores and whether or not your body feels like it needs to “save up” fat for a potential famine (long period of growling hunger).  So, if you happen to be washed ashore on a deserted island within the next 4-5 hours, you will have the stored up energy your stomach has so politely kept for you!   By quelling your hunger every 2 hours, the body feels like “Oh, plenty to eat today, I don’t have to store this energy up, because I seem to be getting food all the time!” You then become a lean, fat-burning machine.

My enthusiastic dieting friend explained that he divides his day up into two-hour intervals, coming out with a total number of “eats” per day.  I don’t exactly remember how many “eats” he got to have, but my guess is that it would vary, depending on the length of your day.
I had always had the facts of this dieting method in the back of my brain, somewhere.  Just not the part about militantly eating at the two-hour mark every time.  I thought I might give it a whirl, already determining if my phone had an alarm application to go off every two hours and how would I be able have nutritious snacks on my person at all times, etc.
I furthered my research by going to the libr- no!!!!  THE INTERNET! I googled “two-hour diet”.  My search returned mostly results pertaining to eating every three hours.  I discovered a book entitled The 3-Hour Diet by Jorge Cruise.  According to Jorge, “The secret lies in eating the “right foods” every 3 hours to stabilize your blood sugar, which controls your appetite. This steadies your moods and boosts your energy all day long.  Proper timing helps increase energy levels, alertness, muscle mass and, most importantly, helps reduce abdominal fat. In as little as two weeks, individuals who eat frequent, small meals are able to reduce cortisol levels by more than 17 percent. Truly amazing, isn’t it? Just imagine what a lifetime of eating this way will do for you.” If you go here, you can watch skinny fit Jorge as he energetically tells us about how to get rid of belly fat by keeping your insulin levels low.  Evidently the diet is working fabulously for Jorge!  Check out those abs!abs
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  • Cher Iannarino March 7, 2011, 8:03 pm

    Love Jorge and his philosophy. Makes sense. I just have a problem with the whole “deleting the fruit” thing. And it seems like such a stickler with his rules. What do you think?

    • Kim March 7, 2011, 10:56 pm

      I’m thinking, as with any diet, it seems one has to pick and choose. I don’t think eliminating an entire food category from your diet is good, esp fruit! Thanks, Cher, for you comment! 🙂

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