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The High Heel Conundrum

more often than not, i’m finding the old saying “all fashion ends in excess” to be very true!  lately, this rule seems to especially apply to shoes.  venture into a local shoe store or go online to find a pair of nice high-heeled shoes.  there you have it!  you must take your pick between five-inch nose bleeders or scuff-along-the-floor flats.  to me, this is just not much of a choice!  where are the mid-sized heels?  where are the 3-inchers?  i’m guessing these are just not enough of a fashion STATEMENT these days!
being tall, as in long-tall-sally, i can’t get away with wearing such high heels – unless nobody stands near me, especially in a picture.  nobody!  i scare dogs and small children in catwalk heels!
flats….well, do you remember pop eye’s olive oyl?   ’nuff said.
I couldn’t resist:
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