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Trimming The Leaning Tower of Tree-sa

Images and ponderings from our tree decorating activities…

The tree is leaning.  We had to finally reconcile ourselves to that fact!  😉  “They” said they are going to have Christmas on the 25th, whether our tree is straight or not.

I have turned it so that it leans into the corner!

Big sis was very patient in giving lessons on not putting ornaments too close to the end of the branch and separating ones that were alike. After a bit of time, the boy was done with the decorating and into chasing the cat around the tree, not at all helping with the leaning tree syndrome!

Tree lights have always been a source of slight distress on my part.  I have searched high and low for the perfect tree lights of my childhood.

During the nineties, while decorating the first tree I had in my own home, I was surrounded by the mini-yellow light craze.  Blah!  Every tree in America had these generic, white lights.  I wanted the multi-colored bulbs.  I really didn’t care if, at that time, it were considered a bit “tacky”.  It was Christmas -and Christmas is about memories and family!  To me, it was a matter of simply going out and buying these wonderful, nostalgic multi-colored, twinkling bulbs of wonder.  I had no idea of the changes in the tree light bulbing industry since the sixties.  Seems these glorious strings of lights of my youth were responsible for many a house fire… and after weeks of searching, appeared to be unavailable for purchase to the average consumer!

I finally resorted  to buying strings of outdoor lights, with large, chunky opaque bulbs and replacing each bulb with the hard-to-find, transparent(yet colored) twinkling bulbs, found in obscure places like on the bottom shelf at the back of CVS’s clearance aisle.

Lately, I have noticed more and more folks are going with these merry, multi-colored lights and I quite like it.

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