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What is This Coaching Opportunity?

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Becoming a Beachbody Coach simply means you own your own fitness/health business online!

Your role is to be a problem solver/resource and friend as you normally would, making honest recommendations for people seeking help. You just direct people to your website which Beachbody sets up for you when you join.  In other words, when someone needs help with fitness/nutrition/health or wants a supplemental income, you direct them to your site to shop all the Beachbody solutions, or to join your team. The fitness programs come with an exercise calendar and meal plan, so you don’t have to be a trainer or nutritionist. Just share your thoughts, support, and what’s worked for you and others you know. If they join the business with you, Platinum Presenters and Beachbody have a boatload of resources and trainings to help them become successful, even if YOU are new yourself and not there yet.

Fortunately, Beachbody programs are VERY well-known as effective and very publicized on tv and media, so the business is a no-brainer for anyone who has interest in fitness and want to help others.

Who wouldn’t want a business like that?

You make 25% commissions from sales from your site, paid weekly, and you make team bonuses if you choose to build a team. You don’t have to keep any inventory, deal with customer service issues, or shipping; Beachbody does all of that.

It’s $39.95 to join and get your business kit, and then $15.95/month for Beachbody to maintain your retail websites. You get 25% discounts on all the products, and you can cancel it at any time if you want to discontinue. You can put in as much time, or as little, as you want. But long-term, you’ll get out of it what you’ve put in, and it is something that has an unlimited income potential.. many on our team are making full-time income within a couple of years and several are making 6-figures and even 7-figure incomes. The coach you join will help you get started and provide direction so you can achieve whatever it is YOU want to get out of it. It’s YOUR business. You are your own boss. It’s not high pressure, it’s not sales-driven, it’s a fitness family and a whole lot of positive energy that can change your life physically, financially, emotionally, and spiritually.

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